Win An All Expense Paid Trip to Your Preferred Holiday Destination!

We’re running an exciting contest with an all expense paid holiday up for grabs!

Pettysave Vacation Challenge — Dubai or Nairobi

It might seem too early to start thinking about your holiday plans but our team at Pettysave has a good reason you should. We’re giving away up to N750k in holiday for 3 lucky people to take the vacation of their dreams, enjoy some fantastic activities and capture their 2021 holiday memories.

Holidays are a big deal to us at Pettysave. We’re always on the lookout for that perfect time to get together as a team and bond beyond work. So we made a decision to work remotely from Dubai and Nairobi this December. In thinking about this, our users crossed our mind — we understand how tough days can be and know that you deserve a holiday too — at no cost.

We’re excited to share with you the Pettysave Vacation challenge to help you save towards a well-deserved trip and hangout with the cool people at Pettysave.

  1. Start a target saving plan and name it ‘Dubai Vacation’ or ‘Nairobi Vacation’ — with the target for Dubai being N750,000 and Nairobi N680,000
  2. Set your target end date at November 19, 2021 for either plans
  3. Start with any amount and top up your savings regularly — daily, weekly or monthly.

At the end of the target savings period, there will be a raffle where we’ll find out the 3 people who will be going to either Dubai or Nairobi for free!

  1. The total target amount covers your round trip flight tickets, accommodation, tours, and daily breakfast
  2. You will earn regular interest on your target savings plan
  3. If you’re one of our lucky winners, the cost of the trip will be entirely on us and you get to keep all your savings and interest earned
  4. You can leave the challenge and cancel but this means you’ll forfeit your interest.
  5. The challenge starts on May 17 and ends on November 19
  6. Travel dates are December 28, 2021 to January 4, 2022

Ready? Open your Pettysave app or go to to start now.

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