How to Save and Invest Money as a Beginner

Personal finance tips from Sharon Ephraim

Many people want to save and invest but have no idea how to start.

Knowing this, we hosted an Instagram Live video with Sharon Ephraim to address how to save and invest as a beginner.

Sharon Ephraim is an actress and content creator. This post is a summary of her views on how to save and invest as a beginner which she shared on the Instagram live with us. The following points are the four key tips she highlighted.

Savings are amazing! Saving gives you options. No matter how high or low the money you make is, be committed to saving a percentage of it every month in an account where it can accrue interest a.k.a Pettysave. You could save 5%, 10%, 15% or more depending on what you feel works best for you based on your income range and your living expenses.

Don’t allow the fear of ponzi schemes deprive you of the immense long term benefits of legitimate investments. It is best you do your personal due diligence on whatever investment you plan to make before starting. Check the internet for warning signs, security information, terms and conditions and other material that can help you determine the safety of your funds before investing. A good place to start investing is on pettysave. Here’s a guide to investing.

Hit your goals directly by using the Pettysave Target Save feature, whatever your target is. Yours could be for a new generator, flat screen TV or even…a weave. Just make sure you do this after you’ve covered all the essential bills. Sometimes, it is even more advisable to save for what you want over a few weeks or months so that you don’t take a large chunk out of your funds and find your account crippled at a point of dire need.

An emergency fund is basically money you put aside in case any unexpected and/or unpleasant situation comes up to put a strain on your finances. Therefore, it should be built consistently over time and only tapped into in cases that can actually be termed ‘emergencies’ such as accidents, robbery, job loss, natural disasters, pandemics or other health issues. Here is a simple guide on how to build an emergency fund.

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