How to Start a Side Hustle in Nigeria

Extra income never hurt anyone😉

Starting something new is never easy. But one thing that can make it way easier and more enjoyable is having someone to guide you through the process or at least easy-to-apply action steps towards success.

Whether you have a job or not, having a side hustle or multiple side hustles is something that everyone should consider in this day and age. Extra income never hurt anyone, especially if your expenses are more than your current income can afford.

So, let’s get straight into it. How does one start a side hustle in Nigeria today?

1. Evaluate your skills

What do you know how to do? Can you offer what you already do at your day job as a freelancer? Then do it. Consider weekends and some holidays if you can’t get time off work. This can be a bit tricky as you have to avoid poaching customers from your office or stealing prospective office clients in favor of your personal practice. You can do yours on a smaller, simpler scale without becoming a traitor. Do you have additional skills or hobbies that you can monetize? For example, swimming, dancing, yoga; you can take private paid classes or start a YouTube channel. Think of all the skills you have, write them down, identify which of them can be monetized then start scouting for freelance and part-time job opportunities that won’t clash with your 9–5 job.

2. Research

Go online, search google for viable side hustles in Nigeria. Find out the highest paying ones, how to learn them and where to get such jobs e.g top freelancing sites locally and internationally.

3. Consider things to sell online

This is especially good because you can start up a business with little to no capital. All you need is a smartphone, data and social media. You can set up an Instagram account and use Canva to make simple designs for branding the page. Mini-importation has really revolutionized e-commerce as you can get customer pre-orders before ordering anything. So both your capital and profit can come directly from the customers’ payments. In Nigeria, people sell hair, clothes, accessories, influencer merchandise (shirts, hoodies, visors etc) and so on online.

4. Learn something new

A good place to learn how to do anything and everything (well…almost) is Youtube. Watch Youtube videos, take free (or paid) online courses (you can consider Coursera or Udemy), watch Instagram how-to videos etc.

5. Examine popular side hustles

For instance, some proven and popular side hustles in Nigeria -which may double as full-time jobs for some people- include photography, freelance writing, blogging, gadgets repair, graphics design, social media management, event ushering and so on.

Your side hustle can eventually grow into a booming businesses that enables you to quit your day job and focus solely on that if you so desire. So, after all said and read, you are ready to secure the bag. Go get it! Don’t forget to save and invest wisely with Pettysave.

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