How I use Pettysave — Meet Kayode

Everyone manages their money in different ways and we’ve come across so many useful tips from people in our community about how to use Pettysave in reaching their financial goals. So we asked our Pettysave Champions to tell us how they use Pettysave, to help us learn from each other 💚

Meet Kayode

A DJ, PR practitioner and Media Entrepreneur living in Lagos. We love his money advice for a friend struggling with savings. Read on!

How would you describe your relationship with money?

A relationship can either be healthy or toxic. I have a good relationship with money. I see money as a by-product of creating value for other people which should be recycled. It is a means to an end.

What are you currently saving for?

I’m currently saving for future investments.

Saving to invest…the way to go!

How is Pettysave helping you with that?

Over the years, I developed a great savings culture and using Pettysave helped me in entrenching this culture.

What’s the one thing you like about Pettysave?

I like Pettysave for making it easy for me to save.

If I was your friend struggling with money, what advice would you give me?

You don’t need to earn so much before you are able to save. If you have difficulty saving from your little income, you most likely will still find it difficult to save with an increased income.

About Pettysave

Pettysave enables you to attain true financial freedom through savings and investments which can be scheduled conveniently. The app helps you to plan your finances, save towards life goals and invest in minimal risk investment options.

Get started on Pettysave and start earning interest on your savings and returns on your investments today!

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