Earn A Living, Saving — How to earn referral bonuses on Pettysave

Simple and Practical Steps for Consistent Cash Flow


Sometimes it can feel like everywhere we look, someone somewhere is trying to shove advice down our throats and into our heads. If we’re not being told what to do or what not to do, we’re being told how to do or not do something and yes, it can get very tiring. In this case, you have probably seen and heard many tips on how to save and invest to grow wealth. But the question here is pretty simple.

Where will this money come from?

Apart from a job, a business, allowance or just a handout, how can one make money? This is not to say that all these I just stated aren’t great sources of income. It’s just that most of them are very dependent on several factors like having the qualification to get a job or a high paying one, possessing the skill to start and run a business, being dependent on parents or guardians or having people around you who just want to spend on you. Basically, making money is not easy and sadly, it seems to be getting harder by the day.

But in this article, I will be sharing with you two simple and practical steps to make money just by being a Pettysave user, with or without any of the above ‘sources’ of income:

  1. Referral Bonus
  2. Referral Commission

Referral Bonus

So this is how it works. Once you register on Pettysave, you get a referral code and link. When you share this code or link with anyone and they sign up with it, you will be notified. Once your referral saves up to N2000, you will both receive N250 each. We’ve also made it in such a way that even if your referral invests without saving, you will both still receive N250 each. Your N250 will be paid into your ‘Referral plan’ while your referral’s N250 will be paid into their wallet. The ‘referral plan’ is a savings plan with no interest, top-up, editing or cancellation ability. You can withdraw from the plan at the end of each month as long as you have linked your BVN to your Pettysave account.


  1. Copy your referral code or link from your Pettysave account
  2. Send it to friends, family and others. You can also include the link as your website or add the code to your bio on social media (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.). Also, you can make regular posts about it and include your code or link. Don’t forget to add a call to action that prompts people to click the link or use your code. e.g.

I use Pettysave to achieve my financial goals through savings and investments. Sign up with my link/code, let’s grow our wealth together! *insert link/code*

I save and invest on Pettysave. Sign up with my link/code, let’s grow our wealth together! *insert link/code*

Sign up on Pettysave with my link/code, let’s achieve our financial goals together! *insert link/code*

Another option is to use your phone number. You can send the phone number you used while creating your Pettysave account to your potential referrals and tell them to input it in the referral field when they’re signing up instead of the code. Once they save up to N2000 or invest, you will both be rewarded with N250. How awesome is that?

With this feature, you can earn a lot just by referring others to use the app and join you on your journey to financial freedom.

Daily Bread — Referral Commission

Another way to make money from being a Pettysave user is through referral commissions. How does this work? This model is similar to that of the referral bonus, just that…it’s even better! Referral commission is what you get the first time any of your referrals invests on Pettysave. Many investment plans on the app come with their own referral commission ranging from 2.5–10% per investment unit.

If you have not linked your BVN to your Pettysave account, you will receive your referral commissions in a ‘Commission plan’. The ‘commission plan’ is a savings plan with no interests, top-up, withdrawals, editing, or cancel ability. When you put in your BVN, the plan will be ‘complete’ and the balance will be moved to your wallet. If you have already linked your BVN to your Pettysave account, your referral commission goes straight to your Pettysave wallet.

So basically, asides the interest you earn from saving and the returns you earn from investing, these are two other ways you can earn money on Pettysave. What are you waiting for? Start sharing and earning today! The more people you refer to Pettysave, the more referral bonuses you earn and the higher your chances of earning if they invest. And the more you refer people to invest, the more you earn.

If you found this article helpful, share it with others so they can earn too.

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